Wisdom Teeth

Why Do We Have Wisdom Teeth?

Many people will have to have their wisdom teeth removed at some point in their life. While the procedure is most often performed on younger patients, impacted wisdom teeth may have to be removed if they cause health complications later in life. So what function do wisdom teeth serve?

Why We Have Wisdom Teeth

Anthropologists theorize that evolution caused humans to develop wisdom teeth out of necessity.  The foods that used to compose past humans’ diets were much harder and ground down the teeth. This grinding made it necessary to have another set of teeth. The teeth had to perform many of the functions that silverware does today.

As humans began to cook their food, the food grew softer and wisdom teeth ultimately became unnecessary. Most people have them removed, because without the teeth grinding down, there isn’t enough room for the wisdom teeth.

Anthropologists believe that the lack in necessity has caused the decrease in people who have wisdom teeth. Though fewer and fewer people have wisdom teeth, the majority of people do.

Possible Health Complications

There are several possible oral health problems that can be caused by wisdom teeth. The wisdom teeth can cause crowding, which can result in crooked teeth. Many dentists recommend having your wisdom teeth before having significant orthodontic work done, to prevent having the work undone by the appearance of wisdom teeth.

Wisdom teeth require the same amount of care as all the other teeth. Otherwise, they can become painfully infected. Partially or fully impacted teeth can be even more difficult to maintain, because a portion of the tooth is still covered by the gums. Check with your dentist to see if you should have your wisdom teeth removed, even if they have not yet broken through the gums.

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Wisdom Teeth

As part of our comprehensive dental services, Hyde Park Dental offers complete wisdom tooth extraction services. We make every effort to ensure the comfort and safety of our dental patients throughout the wisdom teeth extraction procedure. As with all of our dental services, sedation dentistry is offered in conjunction with wisdom teeth extraction and is highly encouraged for this particular procedure. Many wisdom teeth extraction patients experience extreme anxiety during extraction without sedation due to the traumatic extraction of the teeth as well as the duration of the procedure. Sedation may also help in the recovery of the patient.

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The dentist at Hyde Park Dental creates maximum comfort during wisdom teeth extraction. We use state of the art technology for this procedure to reduce swelling and recovery time following the procedure. We also work quickly to reduce the amount of time the patient is in the chair so they can get home and start the recovery process. We provide each patient with clear instructions for their recovery and we make sure that each patient has someone to drop them off and drive the home after the procedure.

After you have had your wisdom teeth out it is important to have someone at home to help you with your after care. The recovery process for wisdom teeth extraction involves frequent changing of ice packs, cleaning of the wound, and other various care instructions. If you are in extreme pain or using the help of pain medications to ease you through the recovery process, you may want someone else helping you make sure these care instructions are followed accurately.

For more detailed information about wisdom teeth extraction and the recovery process, please contact Hyde Park Dental today and we will be happy to answer all of your questions and schedule a wisdom teeth extraction consultation or procedure appointement.

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