If you experience sleep apnea, you may be able to resolve your problems with minimally invasive dental services. Hyde Park Dental can help you assess you determine the best course of action for sleep apnea treatment. There are many ways to resolve sleep apnea with dental services and mouth positioning during sleep. We can help you discover the possible cause of your sleep apnea and pursue various courses of treatment in order to correct your sleep apnea issues.

sleep apnea treatmentWe offer a wide variety of sleep apnea dental appliances to help you achieve maximum comfort and opening of your airways during sleep. Our dentist, Dr. Carlson, will discuss the benefits of each appliance and help you determine which sleep apnea appliance option is best for you. When you have chosen the right sleep apnea appliance for your requirements, our dentist will educate you on how to best use your sleep apnea appliance. If used incorrectly, you may not achieve the desired results of your chosen appliance. Additionally, if you already have a sleep apnea appliance that has proven ineffective, we will help you determine if it is being properly used or if you need to pursue an alternative course of treatment.

Our goal is to provide our sleep apnea patients with a great nights sleep and maximum comfort during sleep. If you current method of treating sleep apnea is ineffective due to discomfort, we can help you resolve those issues through modification to your current treatment method or even changing your course of sleep apnea treatment entirely!

Please call Hyde Park Dental today if you are experiencing sleep apnea to see if we can help you get a better night’s sleep.