At Hyde Park Dental, we offer sedation dentistry for most of our dental procedures. This is an increasingly popular option to ease the anxiety and fear of patients who have an especially difficult time with dental procedures. The staff of Hyde Park Dental are very accommodating for our patients who experience particular difficulty with dental procedures. We offer a variety of ways to bring comfort and ease your mind with every visit. In additional to traditional nitrous oxide or “laughing gas,” we offer sedation dentistry in order to minimize and eliminate the amount of emotional trauma some of our patients experience as the result of previously difficult experiences.

sedation dentistry hyde park dentalSedation dentistry is effective and safe for patients of all ages. We customize the sedation dentistry experience for each patient depending on age, weight, level of anxiety experienced, etc. If you choose the sedation dentistry experience please keep in mind that you will need a ride to and from your procedure. It is not safe to drive under the effects of the sedation medications. Your sedation is monitored by our dental staff in order to ensure that you are comfortable at all times while you are in our dental office.

Please let our office know in advance of your appointment if you are interested in having sedation dentistry in combination with your upcoming dental procedure. We will determine the appropriate course of action and find the best way for you to achieve maximum comfort during your upcoming visit to our office. If you have additional requests to alleviate anxiety associated with your visit, we are happy to accommodate these reasonable requests. Many of our patients prefer a certain time of day for specific procedures in order to help them relax before or after the appointment and to prevent the appointment from interfering with school or work schedules. This can easily be accomplished at the time of scheduling your appointment. Please place any additional requests at this time as well so we can be sure to accommodate when possible.

For more questions about sedation dentistry please call Hyde Park Dental. We are happy to give you further details and help you decide if sedation dentistry is right for you or your family member.