Dental implants are available at Hyde Park Dental as part of our general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry services. No matter the reason for a dental implant, we can help you select the right dental implant for you.  We also provide custom implants for patients that need a specific type or size of implant. Dental implants are used when there has been extensive damage or decay to a particular tooth beyond the point of repair. This may occur on a tooth that has previously had a root canal or a tooth that has been purposely or accidentally removed for any reason.

dental implants hyde park dentalHyde Park Dental offers several options for dental implants. We customize each implant to match the previously existing tooth dimension and the color of your remaining teeth. It is important to maintain the exact dimension of the previous tooth in order to stabilize the implant with the existing gums and to maintain optimal functionality of the replacement tooth or implant. We also match the color of the rest of the teeth so nobody can tell that you’ve had to replace a tooth with a dental implant.

At Hyde Park Dental we try to reserve dental implants as a last resort option for dental appliances. This often becomes an option for the patient as the result of extreme trauma to the mouth or many years of decay and little or no options for repair to the tooth in question. When considering a dental implant, it is important to consider the structural integrity of the underlying bone.

If you are considering a dental implant, please call Hyde Park Dental today to schedule a consultation and discover which options you have.