Hyde Park Dental offers complete endodontics for our dental patients. Endodontic care is more commonly known as a root canal. This happens when an infection or extreme irritation occurs in one or more roots of the tooth. Our dental team provides services that cover everything from the complete root canal to treatment on an existing root canal We also perform apicolectomies — a surgical way to treat a root canal. Our dentists have had the experience needed to take care of all your dental health needs from the root canal to the finished porcelain crown.

endodontics hyde park dentalMany root canals can be completed easily in the comfort of our Hyde Park Dental office. We offer sedation dentistry as part of our complete endodontic care in order to give you the most comfortable endodontic experience. Depending on the tooth, most root canals can be done in one visit unless there is extreme infection in the tooth. If this is the case, an antibiotic may be needed before finishing the root canal. Once a root canal is completed, the dentist will determine whether a filling or crown is needed for maximum protection and stability of the tooth.

For more information about the endodontic care offered by Hyde Park Dental, please contact us today for your questions and to schedule an appointment.