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Finding the right dentures for your mouth is essential to being happy with your dental appliance. It is important that your dentist goes through all of your denture options thoroughly and explains the benefits of each option. Dentures are an incredibly common dental appliance for many adults. This option is typically explored when the dental patient has a certain number of teeth badly in need of repair that may not be possible through regular dental procedures. Extreme tooth decay, loss of necessary structural integrity of the teeth, unhealthy gums, or loss of underlying bone structure support are all very common reasons for adults to pursue dental appliance such as dentures.

Dentures are available for the whole mouth as well as just the upper or lower sets of teeth. There may also be partial sets of dentures available although a bridge is generally the appliance of choice when only part of the set of teeth in question needs to be replaced. Before dentures can be acquired, a mold of the existing teeth is taken and the necessary measures to remove the teeth are taken. All teeth that the dentures are replacing must be removed in order for the denture appliance to fit correctly.

After you have been fitted for dentures and the necessary treatments have occurred, you will visit your dentist to install the denture and make any necessary adjustments. In addition to making adjustments to the denture in order to make the fit comfortable for the patient, we also go over proper care and installation of the denture. It is very important to properly care for and place the denture for maximum comfort as well as the oral health of the patient. We are always happy to answer our patients questions about continued care for their dentures.

For more detailed information about dentures or to ask questions about your existing dentures, please call Hyde Park Dental. We are happy to discuss your denture needs and make an appointment for your denture consultation.