What are dental sealants? Dental sealants are a protective tooth-colored material that is placed in the deep grooves of permanent molars and premolars to prevent decay on the teeth where bacteria would normally get trapped if the sealant was not present. Dental sealants are mostly performed on adult molars and premolars to protect the biting surface of the tooth and are checked each time a patient comes in for their cleaning and checkup.

Sealants are ideally recommended as soon as a child’s 6-year and 12-year molars erupt completely through the gun tissue. They are also beneficial on adult teeth that have lost their sealants over time or have never had a filling or sealant placed on a permanent molar or premolar tooth.

Hyde Park Dental evaluates each patient’s teeth at their dental cleanings and checkups to make sure that sealants are present on the teeth that require them.

dental sealants hyde park dentalHyde Park Dental offers high quality dental sealants as a precautionary measure for our dental patients. We encourage our patients to explore this option as a part of their complete preventive care. At Hyde Park Dental, we focus on preventive care as a way to create healthier smiles, better oral health, and lessen the anxiety associated with dental visits.

Cost and Coverage

Hyde Park Dental provides preventative dental sealants a low cost of under $40 per tooth — a quarter of the cost of a small filling. Dental insurance usually covers sealants up to age 15, but are often recommended after the age of 15 for oral health.

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