Dental crowns and bridges are a part of the comprehensive dental services and products offered from Hyde Park Dental. Our dentist creates custom bridges and crowns for a wide variety of tooth repair solutions. These dental appliances create a stronger and more beautiful smile for Hyde Park Dental patients. When a tooth or several teeth are in need of major repair or removal, a crown or bridge may be the best option to complete the health and beauty of the compromised smile. We are happy to help you discover your dental appliance options and determine which course of treatment is right for you!

dental crowns and bridges hyde park dentalDental crowns are often used to repair extensive damage done to a tooth, often through a root canal or an accident. When a tooth is severely chipped or cracked a dental crown is typically used to prevent any further damage to the tooth while restoring the integrity and function of the tooth in question. Dental crowns are used for the same reason in the case of a root canal. During a root canal, much of the tooth is mechanically eroded in order to gain access to the root and repair the internal damage. A crown is then placed over the remaining tooth the keep the tooth from further erosion and damage, and to maintain the functionality of the tooth.

Bridges are frequently used to replace one or more teeth that need to be removed as the result of injury, decay, or deteriorating health of the tooth or teeth in question. A dental bridge is a permanent appliance that is molded after the dimension of the original tooth or teeth to be replaced and is then fastened to the teeth adjoining the portion of missing teeth to be replaced.

For all of our bridges and crowns, we offer a wide array of colors and shades in order to achieve a match to the rest of the teeth. This creates a beautiful smile for every dental crown or bridge patient of Hyde Park Dental. For further details, questions, or to schedule a dental crown or bridge consultation, please call Hyde Park Dental today!