Cosmetic fillings are an increasingly popular choice for many of our patients at Hyde Park Dental. These fillings are created to match the natural color of the tooth to create a seamless look for your beautiful smile! Many of our adult patients choose cosmetic fillings as an alternative to traditional fillings. Cosmetic fillings are often used in conjunction with other cosmetic dentistry services such as teeth whitening or lumineers. This is also a popular choice to repair a crown that may have been chipped or damaged in some other way.

cosmetic fillings hyde park dentalOur cosmetic fillings are very durable and available in a wide variety of shades and colors in order to perfectly match your existing teeth. This cosmetic dentistry service is highly recommended for our adult patients. When you choose cosmetic fillings over traditional amalgam fillings, your smile will appear more seamless and beautiful. This service is especially recommended for filling of the front teeth. Although the back teeth are generally less of a cosmetic concern for most of our patients, there are still many of our patients who prefer to have cosmetic fillings to create a consistent look for all of their teeth.

Whether you are looking for cosmetic filling for all or just some of your teeth, we can accommodate your need for cosmetic fillings. Additionally, we can arrange for your existing amalgam fillings to be replaced with cosmetic fillings if you so desire. This has become an increasingly popular choice for cosmetic dentistry patients everywhere. We can help you complete the replacement of your existing fillings over several visits to our office if your prefer, although we can often complete all of your filling replacement in one visit. The use of sedation dentistry is also available for this service in order to make this procedure more pleasant.

For more information about cosmetic fillings and to schedule a consultation for this service, please call Hyde Park Dental today. We are happy to answer your questions and discuss the possible courses of treatment for this procedure.