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5 Reasons Why Flossing is Important

We all know that brushing your teeth twice a day in necessary for our dental health. But many of us may look over the importance of flossing. Flossing is extremely important for our oral health. Here are five reasons why flossing is important.

Flossing helps prevent gum disease

When you floss, you clean out the bacteria between your teeth and underneath the gums. Without the removal of bacteria, you may be susceptible to gum disease. Gum disease is the inflammation of gums that can affect the bone that surrounds and supports your teeth. Early stages of gum disease can be reversed by brushing and flossing twice a day.

Flossing helps decrease bad breath

The bacteria that build up over time can create an unpleasant odor. Brushing and rinsing may not be enough to decrease the bad smell. If you want your breath to smell better, consider adding flossing to your dental hygiene routine.

Flossing will save you money

Health care costs can be expensive. It’s important to take steps to reduce your medical expenses. By simply brushing and flossing daily, you are ensuring your oral health and overall well-being. We recommend having a check-up every six months to stay educated and encouraged. Additionally, professional dental tools and techniques are sophisticated and high-tech and can heal most dental issues.

Flossing will stop gum bleeding

You may notice some bleeding when you first begin to floss. This is a common issue, but the bleeding will usually stop after two weeks of flossing. Be sure to be gentle while flossing to avoid any cutting of your gums. Try clasping the floss against each tooth and avoid flossing straight up and down.

Flossing can quickly improve your oral health

We recommend making flossing a daily routine.  It can quickly improve your overall oral health. Consider setting aside 3 minutes each day to make flossing a habit. You will start to see improvements and the benefits very quickly. Additionally, flossing will prevent much more serious health problems from occurring.

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Dental Implants Vs. A Crown Or Bridge – Which Option Is Best?

If you need to replace a broke or missing tooth, a dental implant is a common recommendation. A dental crown is another option to improve your smile if you have a tooth extracted. Which option will work best for your situation? Here is some information related to the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

Why Dental Implants?

A dental implant is the closest thing to a traditional tooth. When a tooth is extracted, it will leave a large hole in your smile. If you do not replace the tooth, it can shift your bite and alter your smile. It can also cause problems with your bite as you are unable to chew on the area where the tooth is missing.

Dental implants help to protect the other teeth. Your natural teeth need a replacement tooth to prevent additional strain on the other teeth. A dental implant can be used to replace multiple teeth in the mouth.

How Do Dental Implants Work?

The replacement process will entail x-rays to determine if the jaw bone is strong enough to support a dental implant. A titanium screw is surgically inserted into the jaw bone. When the bone and the titanium screw fuse together, a replacement tooth is made and is attached to the titanium screw. A dental implant is a permanent replacement. You will need to care for the tooth as you would for your natural teeth as it needs regular brushing and flossing to protect the gums.

Why Dental Bridges?

A dental bridge works differently as it is used to replace multiple teeth. If you have a tooth extracted, and the teeth next to the missing tooth are healthy, they can be used to support a bridge. A bridge will essentially become a crown for the other two teeth and has a porcelain crown attached in between to provide support for the missing tooth.

Dental bridges and crowns need maintenance unlike the dental implant, which can last a lifetime. Most dental bridges and crowns will need replacement after 10-15 years. Daily brushing and flossing under the bridge is vital to prevent gum disease.

How Do Dental Bridges Work?

When you opt for a dental bridge, you will not need to undergo oral surgery as you do with a dental implant. The dentist will numb the area and will prepare the teeth to support the dental bridge. It normally requires 2-3 visits before your bridge is complete and cemented. It is easier and quicker for patients to receive a dental bridge as a dental implant can take several months if you need bone grafts.


Hyde Park Dental offers comprehensive solutions to treat your TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder). TMJ has becoming increasingly common and the developments in technology and treatment options have become even more affordable and effective than ever before. Our dentists are experienced with a wide variety of TMJ treatment, appliances, and procedures and are happy to discuss your TMJ treatment options in full detail with you. We will discuss the benefits and advantages of each TMJ treatment option in order to help you choose the best course of action to correct your TMJ problems.

dentistry 199x300 TMJ

TMJ is a condition that affects many of our patients every year. Patients suffering from TMJ often experience extreme discomfort in their jaw and it can cause problems with their teeth including excessive wear and even breakage. Our goal is to correct the damage and discomfort that has been caused by TMJ and give our patients the best tools, treatment, and appliances to prevent any further pain or damage as the result of TMJ. Although some treatments work better for some patients than others, all of the TMJ treatments offered by Hyde Park Dental have been proven to be effective in the treatment of TMJ.

If you currently suffer from TMJ, teeth grinding, or tightening of the jaw muscles, Hyde Park Dental can help! We offer options to help all of our patients suffering from TMJ. Many of our patients find a simple night guard to be very effective. We also recommend stress relieving exercises in order to prevent TMJ caused by stress. Regardless of the symptoms and cause of your TMJ we are happy to help you find the right solution.

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Teeth Whitening

Hyde Park Dental offers complete teeth whitening services to beautify and enhance your smile. Teeth whitening is a very popular cosmetic dentistry service that many of our patients choose after the removal of braces or as a way to combat teeth staining and discoloration over the years. There are many options for teeth whitening including various degrees of teeth whitening so you can achieve the amount of teeth whitening that is perfect for your smile! When you decide to include teeth whitening as part of your complete cosmetic dentistry services, our dentist will help you determine the level of teeth whitening you should pursue.

teethcleaning 300x199 Teeth Whitening

Depending on how many shades of whitening you desire, you may need multiple visits to our office in order to achieve your desired outcome. If you are seeking an at-home teeth whitening treatment, a more intense shade of whitening could require multiple at-home applications. Depending on the strength of your teeth and your desired outcome, certain methods of teeth whitening may be recommended over others. If you are undergoing a current dental treatment plan, we may recommend that you wait until the completion of your dental treatment plan before you begin the teeth whitening process.

If you have tried using teeth whitening systems at home without the direction of a dentist, you may notice some undesirable results. We can help you combat these results and give you the smile you’ve been hoping to achieve. Some at-home whitening systems may even cause unnecessary tooth sensitivity. Our dentist at Hyde Park Dental can help you restore the integrity of your smile and combat the sensitivity caused by other whitening systems and in the process help you achieve the desired level of whitening you have previously attempted to achieve.

Please call Hyde Park Dental today to schedule a complete teeth whitening consultation and help you determine the best course of treatment for your desired teeth whitening.

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Smile Plus Discount Plan

At Hyde Park Dental we strive to have each patient feel that they have been treated and recognized as a valued and important person who receives excellent customer service, informed options, and timely, superior care. We’ve noticed that a large number of our valued patients have no dental insurance coverage. Due to the increasing cost of premiums and the lack of dental insurance offered by employers, many individuals and families find coverage unaffordable.

Fotolia 23493628 S 300x164 Smile Plus Discount Plan

This is why we’ve decided to offer you and your family an affordable alternative to dental insurance. It’s something to smile about, and it will provide you with an opportunity to visit our office regularly and receive generous discounts on any dental work you may need. Smile Plus is not a dental insurance policy. It is a discount plan that provides discounts to our patients who choose to join and pay a membership fee — the savings are well worth the premium you pay. Services are provided only at Hyde Park Dental and include all services provided in our office with the exception of Orthodontics.

When signing up for the program the member agrees to pay for all services in full at the time of services to be eligible for the discount. With our  Smile Plus Plan you will receive two free scheduled comprehensive exams and cleanings annually, and four free bitewing or periapical x-rays as needed annually, plus 20 percent off your total bill every time.

Our membership fees are very reasonable. For an individual needing dental services our monthly membership fee is $12.95. We have a two person rate for $24.95 a month and each additional family member is $6.00 more. You can pre-pay for 12 months or we can set up an automatic monthly credit or debit card withdrawal.

It’s a smart move! Whether you have extensive dental work ahead of you or you are just maintaining a good healthy mouth, this plan will help you create and maintain a healthy smile!

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Hyde Park Dental offers complete endodontic services for our dental patients. Endodontic care is more commonly known as a root canal. This happens when an infection or extreme irritation occurs in one or more roots of the tooth. Our dental team provides services that cover everything from the complete root canal to treatment on an existing root canal We also perform apicolectomies — a surgical way to treat a root canal. Our dentists have had the experience needed to take care of all your dental health needs from the root canal to the finished porcelain crown.

cachevalleydentist1 300x199 Endodontics

Many root canals can be completed easily in the comfort of our Hyde Park Dental office. We offer sedation dentistry as part of our complete endodontic care in order to give you the most comfortable endodontic experience. Depending on the tooth, most root canals can be done in one visit unless there is extreme infection in the tooth. If this is the case, an antibiotic may be needed before finishing the root canal. Once a root canal is completed, the dentist will determine whether a filling or crown is needed for maximum protection and stability of the tooth.

For more information about the endodontic care offered by Hyde Park Dental, please contact us today for your questions and to schedule an appointment.


Dental Sealants

Hyde Park Dental recommends dental sealants for all of its dental patients. This is an excellent way to prevent unnecessary decay from the lack of enamel or enamel erosion over time. This is recommended for anyone who wants to delay the onset of tooth decay and prevent cavities and enamel erosion. Dental sealants is often performed on the teeth of child patients and patients who are experiencing premature erosion of tooth enamel. Some of our patients also experience under-development of tooth enamel or very thin enamel. In these cases, we highly recommend dental sealants in order to avoid extensive dental problems in the future.

dentalcare 300x199 Dental Sealants

Hyde Park Dental offers high quality dental sealants as a precautionary measure for our dental patients. Although this may not be the ideal choice for everyone, we encourage our patients to explore this option as a part of their complete preventive care. At Hyde Park Dental, we focus on preventive care as a way to create healthier smiles, better oral health, and lessen the anxiety associated with dental visits. If our dental patients don’t need extensive tooth repair procedures, they are less likely to experience fear or anxiety associated with dental visits.

Our dentist and dental staff at Hyde Park Dental are happy to answer any of your questions about dental sealants and help you determine if this is a good fit for your complete dental care plan. No matter what your dental goals may be, we help you find the right fit for your needs. We will not recommend dental sealants if it is not a good fit for you or your plan.

Call Hyde Park Dental today to discuss your dental sealants options and to schedule an appointment with our friendly dental staff!

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Finding the right dentures for your mouth and needs is essential to being happy with your dental appliance. It is important that your dentist goes through all of your denture options thoroughly and explains the benefits of each option. Dentures are an incredibly common dental appliance for many adults. This option is typically explored when the dental patient has a certain number of teeth badly in need of repair that may not be possible through regular dental procedures. Extreme tooth decay, loss of necessary structural integrity of the teeth, unhealthy gums, or loss of underlying bone structure support are all very common reasons for adults to pursue dental appliance such as dentures.

dentures 212x300 Dentures

Dentures are available for the whole mouth as well as just the upper or lower sets of teeth. There may also be partial sets of dentures available although a bridge is generally the appliance of choice when only part of the set of teeth in question needs to be replaced. Before dentures can be acquired, a mold of the existing teeth is taken and the necessary measures to remove the teeth are taken. All teeth that the dentures are replacing must be removed in order for the denture appliance to fit correctly.

After you have been fitted for dentures and the necessary treatments have occurred, you will visit your dentist to install the denture and make any necessary adjustments. In addition to making adjustments to the denture in order to make the fit comfortable for the patient, we also go over proper care and installation of the denture. It is very important to properly care for an install the denture for maximum comfort as well as the oral health of the patient. We are always happy to answer our patients questions about continued care for their dentures.

For more detailed information about dentures or to ask questions about your existing dentures, please call Hyde Park Dental. We are happy to discuss your denture needs and make an appointment for your denture consultation.

Wisdom Teeth

As part of our comprehensive dental services, Hyde Park Dental offers complete wisdom tooth extraction services. We make every effort to ensure the comfort and safety of our dental patients throughout the wisdom teeth extraction procedure. As with all of our dental services, sedation dentistry is offered in conjunction with wisdom teeth extraction and is highly encouraged for this particular procedure. Many wisdom teeth extraction patients experience extreme anxiety during extraction without sedation due to the traumatic extraction of the teeth as well as the duration of the procedure. Sedation may also help in the recovery of the patient.

familydentist 300x199 Wisdom Teeth

The dentist at Hyde Park Dental creates maximum comfort during wisdom teeth extraction. We use state of the art technology for this procedure to reduce swelling and recovery time following the procedure. We also work quickly to reduce the amount of time the patient is in the chair so they can get home and start the recovery process. We provide each patient with clear instructions for their recovery and we make sure that each patient has someone to drop them off and drive the home after the procedure.

After you have had your wisdom teeth out it is important to have someone at home to help you with your after care. The recovery process for wisdom teeth extraction involves frequent changing of ice packs, cleaning of the wound, and other various care instructions. If you are in extreme pain or using the help of pain medications to ease you through the recovery process, you may want someone else helping you make sure these care instructions are followed accurately.

For more detailed information about wisdom teeth extraction and the recovery process, please contact Hyde Park Dental today and we will be happy to answer all of your questions and schedule a wisdom teeth extraction consultation or procedure appointement.

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What Should I Be Paying for Dental Work?

If you have ever called dentist in your area asking this question you have probably had a wide range of prices quoted to you. This article will help you find out exactly what you’ll be paying for.

Knowing What You’re Paying for with Fillings

Filling prices are determined by size, the material used, and where the filling is located in the mouth. Amalgam (silver filling material) used to be put in all back teeth. In its day, amalgam was a great option because it was inexpensive and strong enough to hold up to the force of chewing.


Because there is mercury in amalgam, there was a need for an alternative. Earlier, tooth-colored fillings weren’t strong enough to withstand the force of chewing. However, with improvements in materials, tooth-colored fillings work as well as amalgam. Most dental offices are moving away from amalgam fillings today.


We can now use tooth-colored filling material in both front teeth and back teeth, though the new material is a little more expensive than amalgam. Make sure when price hunting that you know what you are paying for.

Price and Material Variances for Dental Crowns

Crown prices are determined mostly by material used. Prices can range from $500-1000. Though gold crowns used to be common, they aren’t used much anymore because of the price of gold. Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns (PFM) became more popular. They look nicer and are a good alternative to gold. However, PFMs aren’t the best option for front teeth. The metal makes to tooth look fake and looks dark along the gum line.


Now, full-porcelain crowns are offered at most dental offices. They are beautiful and look like natural teeth. These can be used on front teeth as well as back teeth. With the price of metal today, you might not find much difference in cost between PFMs and all-porcelain crowns. Though cheaper metals are being used to keep the costs down, they typically have a negative effect on the health of gums.

Additional Cost Factors that Go into Dental Crowns

The price of crowns is also determined by the lab fee. Labs are very important in manufacturing your crown. A crown that is manufactured well will last for many years if it is taken care of and cleaned well. To get a well-made crown, you will pay a little more. The labs that we work with have been around for many years, giving them the experience needed to create great products.


These factors make it hard to give an accurate quote over the phone. As you’re shopping around, keep in mind that not all dental work is created equal. If you come across a price that sounds too good to be true, ask more questions. Ultimately, you get what you pay for.


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