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What to Know About an Abscessed Tooth

Having a tooth abscess can greatly affect your daily life, causing pain and discomfort. An abscessed tooth is a buildup of pus enclosed in the teeth or gums caused by gum disease, an ineffective root canal treatment, tooth decay, or a bacterial infection in the tooth’s pulp. Symptoms of a Tooth Abscess There are several […]

How to Teach your Children Healthy Dental Habits

Teaching your children healthy dental habits early on will have a great impact on their health as they grow older. We recommend making it educational but also fun for your child. Here are some tips on how to help your kids develop good dental care habits in an enjoyable way. Start Early It’s important for […]

5 Reasons Why Flossing is Important

We all know that brushing your teeth twice a day in necessary for our dental health. But many of us may look over the importance of flossing. Flossing is extremely important for our oral health. Here are five reasons why flossing is important. Flossing helps prevent gum disease When you floss, you clean out the bacteria […]

Dental Implants Vs. A Crown Or Bridge – Which Option Is Best?

If you need to replace a broke or missing tooth, a dental implant is a common recommendation. A dental crown is another option to improve your smile if you have a tooth extracted. Which option will work best for your situation? Here is some information related to the advantages and disadvantages of each option. Why […]


Hyde Park Dental offers comprehensive solutions to treat your TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder). TMJ has becoming increasingly common and the developments in technology and treatment options have become even more affordable and effective than ever before. Our dentists are experienced with a wide variety of TMJ treatment, appliances, and procedures and are happy to discuss […]

Teeth Whitening

Hyde Park Dental offers complete teeth whitening services to beautify and enhance your smile. Teeth whitening is a very popular cosmetic dentistry service that many of our patients choose after the removal of braces or as a way to combat teeth staining and discoloration over the years. There are many options for teeth whitening including various degrees of teeth […]

Smile Plus Discount Plan

At Hyde Park Dental we strive to have each patient feel that they have been treated and recognized as a valued and important person who receives excellent customer service, informed options, and timely, superior care. We’ve noticed that a large number of our valued patients have no dental insurance coverage. Due to the increasing cost […]


Hyde Park Dental offers complete endodontic services for our dental patients. Endodontic care is more commonly known as a root canal. This happens when an infection or extreme irritation occurs in one or more roots of the tooth. Our dental team provides services that cover everything from the complete root canal to treatment on an existing root […]

Dental Sealants

Hyde Park Dental recommends dental sealants for all of its dental patients. This is an excellent way to prevent unnecessary decay from the lack of enamel or enamel erosion over time. This is recommended for anyone who wants to delay the onset of tooth decay and prevent cavities and enamel erosion. Dental sealants is often […]


Finding the right dentures for your mouth and needs is essential to being happy with your dental appliance. It is important that your dentist goes through all of your denture options thoroughly and explains the benefits of each option. Dentures are an incredibly common dental appliance for many adults. This option is typically explored when the dental […]