Getting Ready for a Special Occasion

getting ready special occasionAt our dental office, we want to help you be ready for that special occasion, whatever it may be in 2017! With New Year’s Resolutions kicked off, you want to look and feel fabulous and be ready for what this year has to bring you.It is during this time of year that you lay the foundation for how you want to look and feel by summer. Don’t forget about your smile! Perhaps you are lacking confidence because you have a gap, or discolored teeth. Whatever imperfection you feel like you have with your teeth and gums, we can help you get it fixed and feeling great!


This may be a dental procedure that isn’t heard very often. Bonding is a service that makes lightening stains possible, as well as closing gaps and fixing and teeth that are broken. Bonding is quick and easy, complete without anesthetics. Through cosmetic bonding, our dentists here at Oral Health Center, can create a dramatic difference to enhance your smile in 2017.


This cosmetic dentistry service is both beautiful and long-lasting. Veneers are a great option that is smart and a stylish fix to broken, cracked, misshaped, or other ways your teeth may be flawed. This procedure happens over a few appointments. We find the perfect shade and create porcelain shells and with a long-lasting dental glue, place them on your teeth. With a lot of experience, we can place veneers on your teeth that will give your teeth a perfect shape and the confidence to always be smiling.


Invisalign is an option to create a straighter, more aligned smile. Through clear aligners, your teeth will gradually align. The aligners are removable and not very noticeable. This makes the service not very distracting to those you interact with regularly. With Invisalign, you can still eat and drink what you want.

Call us today if you are preparing for a special occasion. We will have your money maker of a smile whiter and brighter in no time.