Oral Health Care Tips for All Ages

oral health care tipsOral Health is something that is important for all ages. It isn’t just for those with all their teeth either! Some of the basics of oral health care are the same throughout all ages, such as…

Regular Check-ups

Dental checkups should be done every six-months, for some depending upon their current oral health status may need to have a cleaning and check-up done more often than every six months.  A check up will include an examination from the dentist, x-rays, fluoride and sealing treatments as needed and a thorough cleaning to clean off build up.

  •  By the age of 1 a child should have visited the dentist, or within 6 months of receiving their first tooth. This is important to develop a trusting relationship between the child and the dentist. The dentist can also monitor any possible issues with the child’s dental health and make plans accordingly.
  • By age 5 kids should start to be getting x-rays of their teeth, some kids need x-rays earlier but most around this age when the adult teeth will be coming and baby teeth being lost.

Brush, Floss and Rinse Twice a Day, Every Day.

This is something that is very important for your oral health. It doesn’t matter if you have one tooth and are one year old, or a grown adult with a mouth full of teeth. Brushing, flossing and rinsing are important. Things to consider by age are the types of brushes, toothpaste and rinsing that should be used.  With toothbrushes regardless of the age look for a softer bristled brush and the head of the toothbrush shouldn’t be too large, smaller for children and slightly larger for adults. You want to be able to thoroughly clean around all your teeth, and a big brush limits that.  With toothpaste, for children select a pediatric toothpaste that will be safer if swallowed accidentally and won’t be too strong tasting. For adults look for a tooth paste that has tarter control, fluoride and if you desire a safe whitening agent. For a mouth wash to rinse with avoid alcohol strong tasting ones for kids to use. There are lots of great kid rinses that also help show how well they are brushing.

  • Help your children remember to brush, floss and rinse every day, and don’t forget to get in there and show them how to do it. Especially with younger children, help them brush and floss until they can do it on their own.
  • Avoid or limit things that will cause harm to your teeth. Avoid tobacco products, these are not only terrible for your teeth but are also terrible for your overall health. Limit sugary or acidic foods and drinks that can cause damage to your enamel, keep it to moderation and be sure to thoroughly clean as soon as possible afterwards.

Your oral health is important regardless of the age, and it is important to remember to take the time to take care of your oral health every day. You want to have a brilliant, healthy, nice smelling smile to greet people with.