Hyde Park Dental offers comprehensive solutions to treat your TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder). TMJ has becoming increasingly common and the developments in technology and treatment options have become even more affordable and effective than ever before. Our dentists are experienced with a wide variety of TMJ treatment, appliances, and procedures and are happy to discuss your TMJ treatment options in full detail with you. We will discuss the benefits and advantages of each TMJ treatment option in order to help you choose the best course of action to correct your TMJ problems.

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TMJ is a condition that affects many of our patients every year. Patients suffering from TMJ often experience extreme discomfort in their jaw and it can cause problems with their teeth including excessive wear and even breakage. Our goal is to correct the damage and discomfort that has been caused by TMJ and give our patients the best tools, treatment, and appliances to prevent any further pain or damage as the result of TMJ. Although some treatments work better for some patients than others, all of the TMJ treatments offered by Hyde Park Dental have been proven to be effective in the treatment of TMJ.

If you currently suffer from TMJ, teeth grinding, or tightening of the jaw muscles, Hyde Park Dental can help! We offer options to help all of our patients suffering from TMJ. Many of our patients find a simple night guard to be very effective. We also recommend stress relieving exercises in order to prevent TMJ caused by stress. Regardless of the symptoms and cause of your TMJ we are happy to help you find the right solution.

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Teeth Whitening

Hyde Park Dental offers complete teeth whitening services to beautify and enhance your smile. Teeth whitening is a very popular cosmetic dentistry service that many of our patients choose after the removal of braces or as a way to combat teeth staining and discoloration over the years. There are many options for teeth whitening including various degrees of teeth whitening so you can achieve the amount of teeth whitening that is perfect for your smile! When you decide to include teeth whitening as part of your complete cosmetic dentistry services, our dentist will help you determine the level of teeth whitening you should pursue.

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Depending on how many shades of whitening you desire, you may need multiple visits to our office in order to achieve your desired outcome. If you are seeking an at-home teeth whitening treatment, a more intense shade of whitening could require multiple at-home applications. Depending on the strength of your teeth and your desired outcome, certain methods of teeth whitening may be recommended over others. If you are undergoing a current dental treatment plan, we may recommend that you wait until the completion of your dental treatment plan before you begin the teeth whitening process.

If you have tried using teeth whitening systems at home without the direction of a dentist, you may notice some undesirable results. We can help you combat these results and give you the smile you’ve been hoping to achieve. Some at-home whitening systems may even cause unnecessary tooth sensitivity. Our dentist at Hyde Park Dental can help you restore the integrity of your smile and combat the sensitivity caused by other whitening systems and in the process help you achieve the desired level of whitening you have previously attempted to achieve.

Please call Hyde Park Dental today to schedule a complete teeth whitening consultation and help you determine the best course of treatment for your desired teeth whitening.

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Smile Plus Discount Plan

At Hyde Park Dental we strive to have each patient feel that they have been treated and recognized as a valued and important person who receives excellent customer service, informed options, and timely, superior care. We’ve noticed that a large number of our valued patients have no dental insurance coverage. Due to the increasing cost of premiums and the lack of dental insurance offered by employers, many individuals and families find coverage unaffordable.

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This is why we’ve decided to offer you and your family an affordable alternative to dental insurance. It’s something to smile about, and it will provide you with an opportunity to visit our office regularly and receive generous discounts on any dental work you may need. Smile Plus is not a dental insurance policy. It is a discount plan that provides discounts to our patients who choose to join and pay a membership fee — the savings are well worth the premium you pay. Services are provided only at Hyde Park Dental and include all services provided in our office with the exception of Orthodontics.

When signing up for the program the member agrees to pay for all services in full at the time of services to be eligible for the discount. With our  Smile Plus Plan you will receive two free scheduled comprehensive exams and cleanings annually, and four free bitewing or periapical x-rays as needed annually, plus 20 percent off your total bill every time.

Our membership fees are very reasonable. For an individual needing dental services our monthly membership fee is $12.95. We have a two person rate for $24.95 a month and each additional family member is $6.00 more. You can pre-pay for 12 months or we can set up an automatic monthly credit or debit card withdrawal.

It’s a smart move! Whether you have extensive dental work ahead of you or you are just maintaining a good healthy mouth, this plan will help you create and maintain a healthy smile!

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